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Weasel Walter – Apocalyptik Paranoia CD
featuring Peter Evans, Henry Kaiser, Greg Kelley, Forbes Graham, Fred Lonberg-Holm

A brand new helping of studio material by the Weez featuring various formations of an all-star cast of malcontents including Henry Kaiser, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Peter Evans, Greg Kelley and Forbes Graham. There’s an icy, ominous chill to this set of forceful and focused improvisations – this just might be the “Battles of the North” of free music with its hard, frostbitten arctic sheen. The eight tracks here range from painterly, agitated all-acoustic improvisation to explosive, electronics-wracked all-out noise onslaughts. A truly dynamic offering of balls-out abstraction with the intensity and quality you expect from Weasel and co. There are definitely some surprises here resulting from the largely unprecedented mixture of unique musical personalities

Forbes/Young/Walter – American Free LP

American Free??? Without Americans? No Americans Allowed??? Free Music made by Americans? You decide!

Recorded in Chicago in March 2009, this vinyl outpouring of speed, intensity and timbral violence represents the first output by a volcanic new trio committed to pushing free music forms to a new level. Tenor saxophonist Mike Forbes pushes hard, his lines bursting with pressure and laser-like focus. Fans of the early Evan Parker/Peter Brotzmann school will love his approach, but he’s no mere acolyte: Forbes’ playing has a cruel, hard focus which is bloody with rage but totally controlled. He’s not satisfied with biting the reed and squealing his brains out like an identikit free jazzer: his careful control of multiphonics and succinct phrasing reveals a shrewd and singular musical mind at work. Bassist Andrew Scott Young possesses a large, gutteral sound and he fills the cracks in the sax/drums assault with harmonic determination and an aware sense of overall structure. His lines always push the group forward and cohere the hyperactivity of the other musicians. Weasel Walter is obsessed with momentum. his dense bursts of detailed percussion drives the band towards total mania.Check out the NOW sound of free jazz on this LP.

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