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ap’strophe — objects sense objectes (Etude)

Ferran Fages continues his investigation of the acoustic guitar, and here Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga joins him for the ride as the duo, “ap’strophe.” Chatzigoga plays a trebly, dobro-sounding zither, and Fages, maybe having settled upon what he needed from his instrument, does a slow about-face from what we heard on last year’s al voltant […]

Two from Cathnor

The new Vignettes imprint on Cathnor is a line of minidiscs, each documenting single performances by artists in both one-time and enduring combinations. Keeping pace with musical developments in this moment of informational and artistic hypertrophy isn’t easy, and Richard Pinnell is giving improvisers a terrific opportunity to actually, you know, put out records. Shocking […]