New Releases on Innova

From Innova:

Prism Quartet / Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Double whammy for both lovers of sax quartets and orchestra aficionados, here are Bill Bolcom‘s and Steve Mackey‘s megaworks given a true workout by some of the best in the biz.

Fernando Benadon – Intuitivo

The players only met in Fernando’s mind (and studio) but it sure doesn’t sound like a dislocated ensemble. On the contrary; this unit cohesion amongst improvisors is a fine thing.

Danny Holt – Fast Jump

Close your eyes (not your ears) and take a giant leap for piano-kind with Danny’s ferocious musicianship that uses the keyboard as a diving board.

Bill Banfield Band – Spring Forward

Jazzy polymath Banfield comes up with another collection strung together by guitar grooves that straddle the record bins.

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