July at the IBeam

From Brooklyn’s IBeam:

Ibeam Calendar for July 2009
All Shows are $10 Suggested Donation
168 7th St. Brooklyn NY 11215 (bet 2+3rd ave)

July 10
$10 suggested
9:00 pm
Andrew Drury’s Content Provider
Peter Evans, trumpets
Briggan Krauss, alto saxophone
Chris Speed, tenor saxophone
Andrew Drury, drums & compositions

10:00 pm
Kristen Berardi Group
Kristen Berardi – Vocals
Sean Wayland – Piano
Miles Okazaki – Guitar
One of Australias best jazz vocalists and composers Kristen won last years Montreaux jazz vocal composition . She is performing in New York courtesy of the prestigous Freedman Fellowship. She will be performing a mixture of contempory influenced songs and standards.

July 11th ($10 Suggested)
9:00 pm
Nate Wooley and Peter Evans Duo
Nate Wooley – Trumpet/Effects
Peter Evans – Trumpet/Effects
You could refer to Nate Wooley and Peter Evans as trumpet extremists. No matter how they wield their horns, both tend toward the boundary-straining end of the spectrum. (Shaun Brady)

10:00 pm
Dan Peck Trio
Dan Peck (tuba)
Tom Blancarte (bass)
and Brian Osborne (drums)
Come hear the soundtrack to the end of the world as the trio explores the lowest thresholds of human hearing. Combining compositions that evoke Doom metal and improvisations that suggest Braxton, the trio focuses on the tuba and bass as a sub-sonic duo, with the percussion adding punctuation to their down sounds.

July 17th
Travis Sullivan and George Dulin
Travis Sullivan – Saxophone
George Dulin – Piano

July 24th
Ohad Talmor/ Miles Okazaki / Dan Weiss
Hindustani Music
Ohad Talmor – Saxophone
Miles Okazaki – Guitar
Dan Weiss – Drums

August 1st
9:00 pm
Jeremy Hurewitz – coustic guitar
Don Chase – bass and sampler
EJ Fry – percussion
Special guest Shane Rettig on keys and laptop.
Monastics bring fresh sounds to the abstract folk scene with deft skill and sincerity. With influences as varied as James Blackshaw, Boards Of Canada, Animal Collective, and Sun Ra, they conjure new music that thrives on collaboration and improvisation without falling victim to banality.

10pm – Slow To Wake
Topu Lyo – cello
Bryan Teoh – cello
Ben Gallina – basses
Shane Rettig – keys and laptop
EJ Fry – drums and laptop
Slow To Wake conjure images of grainy ’60s film through the use of instrumental rock, other-worldly jazz & ambient soundscapes. They shamelessly juxtapose lush strings & edgy electronics to provide a modern soundtrack to pristine beauty and urban decay.

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