Ribot, Parker, Bennink James ‘Blood’ Ulmer and Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

From the Guardian:

Ribot appeared in a one-off, all-improv trio with UK saxophonist Evan Parker and Dutch drummer Han Bennink – two legendary figures of European free-jazz. There was plenty of robust and gutturally roaring tenor sax over Bennink’s inimitable mix of thunderous free-grooving and manic clowning (tipping his kit over and playing pretty good tom-toms with a booted foot), glimpses of slow-motion lyricism, and some regular-tempo music mostly initiated by Ribot. He supplied sliding, dramatically whooping chords behind Parker’s broadsides, thick-textured dissonances under the reflective episodes, and sometimes a kind of limping swing, gleefully ambushed by Bennink. It was intense, cliff-hanging, spontaneous music, shared by three fearless virtuosi of the art.

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