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Hammemit – Spires Over The Burial Womb
Hammemit is the new strange post-black metal project from the dammed uk based souls who carved out the strange discordant and off-kilter blacked metal fruits of Emit. Hammemit sound drifts even further away from Black metal origins than Emit to conjure up an album that’s dank with the damned air of Mediaeval monastery’s that have turned to evil.

Tenhornedbeast – My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth
My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth is the second album from grim & ritual ambient endeavour Tenhornedbeast that’s the project solo Christopher Walton one half of the now defunct ocultic dark ambient, neo-classical & ritual percussion project Endvra.

John Zorn – The Last Supper: Filmworks XXII
The Last Supper sees Zorn just using the human voice and percussion to create this compelling and surprisingly varied soundtrack for French director Arno Bouchard’s science fiction art and semi erotic film of the same name.

Merzbow – 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 1: Sozume
This is the first volume of Merzbow’s biggest sonic project since the Merzbox in total there will be 13 discs in the Japanese Bird series, with one disc released each month until early 2010. Also when all 13 discs are out a very special hand made bamboo box to store all the disks is going to made available featuring a painting by Merzbow himself; so as you can see this stands as one of biggest works undertaken yet by the Japanese noise master.

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