This Weekend at the Issue Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

06/05 @ 8pm – Matthew Welch and Daniel Wohl: Composer Portraits by Transit
Ulrikke for cello and percussion (2008)—Matthew Welch Big Hands (2009)—Daniel Wohl The Secret Labyrinth of Ts’ui Pen (2008)—Matthew Welch Suite Primaire (2008)–Daniel Wohl Symphony of Drones #2 (2002)–Matthew Welch Plus ou Moins (2007) for Bass Clarinet, Cello, Piano, percussion and electronics — Daniel Wohl The music of Matthew Welch (b.1976) stems from a remarkably multi-faceted foundation. Matthew holds two university degrees […]

06/07 @ 7pm – Ne(x)tworks
7pm – Fredric Rzewski’s Les Mouton de Panurge A rare complete reading of this seminal work from 1969 that audaciously combines pure Minimalist additive/subtractive technique with bold inderterminacy. 9pm – Music for and by Ne(x)tworks Michael Schumacher – isorhythmic variations Anthony Coleman – Seven at the Golden Shovel Joan La Barbara – Scatter Kenji Bunch – selections from Woman in the Dunes Miguel Frasconi – new work Ne(x)tworks is […

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