New Releases From Ambiances Magnetiques

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Out recently on Ambiances Magnetiques:

John Geggie – Geggie Project / Ambiances Jazz | AM 179 | 2008
Using John Geggie’s compositions as a point of departure, this creative trio covers much terrain with its lyrical and sonic landscapes. …

Normand Guilbeault Ensemble Mingus – Live at Upstairs 2008 / Ambiances Jazz | AM 185 | 2009

Mingus’s music is controversial, politically engaged, generous, warm, and passionate. It is not for the lukewarm and the undecisive. …

Antoine Berthiaume, Elliott Sharp – BASE / Ambiances Magnétiques | AM 178 | 2008

Matt Brubeck, Nick Fraser, Marilyn Lerner – Ugly Beauties / Ambiances Magnétiques | AM 187 | 2009

Isaiah Ceccarelli, Michel F Côté – Vulgarités / Ambiances Magnétiques | AM 180 | 2008

This meeting is the audible result of being overworked. What comes out of it is a sullen form of grace, an elegy for the destruction of things.This CD features the sound of a plethora of objects being struck and stroked. …

Charity Chan – Somewhere the Sea and Salt / Ambiances Magnétiques | AM 188 | 2009

Sébastien Cirotteau, Brigitte Lacasse, Catherine S Massicotte, Éric Normand – Face à la dérive / Ambiances Magnétiques | AM 183 | 2008

Instrumental documentary: a travel along the St Lawrence river. Winds, animals and peoples becoming instrument too… …

Ensemble SuperMusique – Y’a du bruit dans ma cabane / Ambiances Magnétiques | AM 182 | 2008

All its instrumentalists are exceptional soloists highly regarded for their unique playing style. These six performers are musique actuelle masters with a huge palette of sounds. …

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