Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a relatively new site dedicated to providing free music to all. As such, it is loaded with free downloads. Although I haven’t tried any out just yet, it does have an “experimental” section which is linked to here. Feel free to provide feedback if any of the downloads are particularly strong.

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DMG Newsletter May 22nd, 2009

From DMG:

Satoko Fujii & Myra Melford! Fred Anderson Trio & Qt CDs! Michael Musillami Trio 3! Splinters: Tubby Hayes/Trevor Watts/Kenny Wheeler/Stan Tracey/Jeff Clyne/John Stevens/Phil Seamen!!! Gunter ‘Baby’ Sommer & Assif Tsahar!

Ted Daniel Loft Trio! Ras Moshe Ensemble DVD! Fully Celebrated Orchestra! NY Trumpet Ensemble with Peter Evans! The Unknown Instructors with Mike Watt, Joe Biaza & David Thomas, Four Mike Westbrook Music Theatre Discs and Even More Gems…!

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Introduction to Shub Niggurath

Udi Koomran writes about Shub Niggurath, an underrated band, and an old favorite of mine, as he works on remastering their earliest release.

Combining complex compositions intricate arrangements and passionate playing.the result is a fine balance of dark sometimes suffocating violent brutal massive passages with beautiful chilling melodies The line up consisted of drums, keyboards (mostly organ harmonium and piano), eerie classical inspired female vocals, and the 3 elements that made them sound so unique : Trombone the special ingredient that at times could add a lyrical voice to the melodies and on other parts sound abrasive dissonant and powerful. Add to that maybe the most brutal sounding distorted bass ever recorded ,and the burning,scorching unique sounding guitar tones produced by master of sonority and timbre Frank Fromy.

Interview with David Rosenbloom

From the Roulette:

David Rosenbloom has been active as a musician, composer, and painter in New York since the late 70’s no wave period. His projects have included the Electric Chorus & Orchestra, Chinese Puzzle, The Experimental Chorus, and the Outlanders; he performed, toured and recorded with Glenn Branca, and was a member of Rhys Chatham’s early band Meltdown. His work tends to focus on sonic and structural experimentation with an emphasis on dense, melodic textures. He has worked with bassist David Hofstra for over two decades, and has in recent years worked with Stephen Moses in multiple scenarios.

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Experimental Melbourne: May 2009

Experimental Melbourne is a blog focusing on, and promoting, off-the-beaten-path music in Melbourne Australia. They have an upcoming show:

The final night in our series of special events for May is a celebration of wooden woodwinds. Featuring some of Melbourne’s most daring and adventurous improvisers, expect to expand your ears and eyes with the sonic possibilities of this humble, instrumental family. Often dismissed as the sonic wallflower of the Orchestra, woodwinds have nevertheless remained the backbone of Classical Symphonic timbre because of their organic resonance and adaptability in complimenting the varied sound-worlds of the other orchestral sections. In the hands of these performers, the richness and flexibility of the genus will smack you in the brain, with a series of solos, duos, trios and other confabulations, where extended technique and improv virtuosity will reign.

* Jim Cuomo (clarinet) (USA)
* Sam Dunscome (clarinet)
* Martin Mackerras (clarinet)
* Natasha Anderson (contra bass recorder)
* Brigid Burke (bass clarinet)
* Tony Hicks (bass clarinet)
* Tim Pledger (clarinet)
* Tarquin Manek (clarinet)
* Aviva Endean (clarinet and bass clarinet)
* Chris Young (bass clarinet)
* Karen Heath (bass clarinet)
* Adam Simmons (contra bass clarinet)
* Joanne Cannon (bassoon)