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From Musique Machine:

Borbetomagus – Snuff Jazz
Snuff Jazz is another unforgiving, deeply searing and caustic slice of noise/ jazz attack from the inventors and masters of the form Borbetomagus. The disk finds them making some of their most grating, punishing and sonic acid tinged work yet; that’s head boil yet wonderful invigorating too.

John Wiese & C.Spencer Yeh – Cincinnati
Cincinnati finds Wiese & Spencer conjuring up a collection of bizarre, jarring and strange sonic pictures that sit somewhere between improv, noise, freak show junk yard percussiveness & off-centre atmospherics. Quite often the album feels like a soundtrack to a very odd and deranged cartoon or Dali type world were the laws of sanity and logic don’t seem to exist- at times it’s nightmarish and at others sadistically comic .

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