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From Post No Bills:

Every week for 15 weeks starting in December 2007, Adam Sonderberg–best known as one-third of Haptic–and Salvatore Dellaria posted a new piece on their Web site, creating a series of experimental sketches as part of a project named “Untitled_Ongoing.” Sonderberg and Dellaria, who’ve worked together in various contexts since 1998, hoped to rework and develop the material for an eventual album, but heard as a collection the pieces can stand on their own–the MP3 files remain available at their site.

Many of the track titles simply describe instrumentation (“Snare Drum,” “Piano”), while others reference a musical approach (“Musique Concrete,” “Indeterminacy”). You can certainly identify specific sounds here and there–guitar-amp noise, metallic rustling, bowed percussion, urban field recordings–but the work revolves around abstract texture and gesture. Most of the pieces range in duration from two to five minutes, and manage to convey a rewarding sense of development in that brief time.

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