All About Jazz Reviews

From All About Jazz:

Michael Musillami Trio 3
From Seeds (Playscape Recordings)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

12-May-09 Atlantis Quartet
Again, Too Soon (Atlantis Quartet Music)
Reviewed by Aaron Basiliere

12-May-09 Satoko Fujii & Myra Melford
Under The Water (Libra Records)
Reviewed by Jerry D’Souza

12-May-09 Multiple Artists
Derek Bailey and Evan Parker: Incus reissues
Reviewed by John Eyles

12-May-09 Burnt Sugar / The Arkestra Chamber
Making Love to the Dark Ages (LiveWired Music)
Reviewed by Glenn Astarita

12-May-09 Michael Bates
Live In New York (Greenleaf Music)
Reviewed by Lyn Horton

12-May-09 Nels Cline
Coward (Cryptogramophone)
Reviewed by Stuart Broomer

10-May-09 Wadada Leo Smith / Jack DeJohnette
America (Tzadik)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

10-May-09 Phillip Johnston
Page Of Madness (Asynchronous)
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

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Umbrella Music Through May 21

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Tuesday, 12 May 2009
9:00PM | The Engines
Dave Rempis – saxophones
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Nate McBride – bass
Tim Daisy – drums
two sets

Wednesday, 13 May 2009
The Hideout
10:00PM | Rabid Rabbit with Bruce Lamont
Mike Tsoulos – drums
Andrea Jablonski – electric bass
Arman Mabry – electric bass
Gregg Prickett – guitar
and guest Bruce Lamont – saxophones
Terrie Ex – guitar
Massimo Pupillo – electric bass
Paal Nilssen-Love – drums
$10 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets: Nate McBride vs The Eighties

Thursday, 14 May 2009
10:00PM | Wosko/Thatcher/Rosaly
Lilliana Wosko – cello
Dan Thatcher – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums
two sets

Sunday, 17 May 2009
The Hungry Brain
10:00PM | Vandermark/Daisy
Ken Vandermark – reeds
Tim Daisy – drums
two sets

Wednesday, 20 May 2009
The Hideout
10:00PM | Jason Adasiewicz Solo
Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone
11:00PM | Breakway
Paul Giallorenzo – synthesizer
Brian Labycz – electronics
Marc Riordan – percussion
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets: Jeff Thomas spins The Tritone

Thursday, 21 May 2009
10:00PM | Streifenjunko
Eivind Nordset Lønning – trumpet
Espen Reinertsen – tenor saxophone, flute
11:00PM | Robair/Branch
Gino Robair – drums
Jaimie Branch – trumpet

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Ensemble Intercontemporain – Past Meets Present With Ligeti’s Blurred Colors and Frenetic Rhythms

Pierre Boulez in 2004
Image via Wikipedia

A recent Ensemble Intercontemporain performance is reviewed.

For decades, it was hard to think of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, a brilliant French chamber orchestra formed in 1976, without factoring in the composer and conductor Pierre Boulez, who founded the group.

Mr. Boulez asserted, not incorrectly, that to advance his rigorous Modernist aesthetic, he needed a band capable of rendering the music of Schoenberg, Webern and their followers with the same clarity and conviction that a conventional group might pour into Mozart and Beethoven.

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