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Bjork and Dirty Projectors – Musical Ambitions Overflow

An odd pairing is reivewed:

The music was quiet: just voices and modestly amplified acoustic instruments. But the songs were hugely complex and ambitious, announcing their destination in the lyrics: “on and on and ever onward.”

Bjork was collaborating on a suite of six very new songs with Dirty Projectors, the New York City band led by David Longstreth. They had been brought together by Brandon Stosuy, from the music blog, who supervised a Bjork tribute album and found they admired each other. No wonder: they could be musical cousins, although their songs head in different directions. Mr. Longstreth’s leaping, suddenly swelling vocal lines clearly show Bjork’s influence. And his music’s blend of classical and progressive-rock intricacy, pointillistic backup singing and West African picking patterns rightly appeals to the equally eclectic Bjork.

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