Joseph Maneri to Receive Honorary Degree

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From the New England Conservatory, Joe Maneri will be honored later this month:

A composer and performer of microtonal music, Joseph Maneri is co-author of Preliminary Studies in the Virtual Pitch Continuum. Coinventor of a microtonal keyboard that has 588 notes with 72 notes per octave, he is founder and president of the Boston Microtonal Society. He presents lectures and workshops and has formed groups that perform written and improvised music through the virtual pitch continuum. His piano concerto Metanoia was performed by Rebecca la Brecque and the American Composers Orchestra at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center. A solo artist on various instruments, his repertoire includes jazz and ethnic music as well as his own microtonal compositions. Maneri cofounded NEC’s Enchanted Circle contemporary music concert series in 1977, and codirected it through 1997. Get Ready to Receive Yourself, a CD of Maneri’s improvisation quartet, received the highest acclaim, both in Europe and the U.S.

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