The Squid’s Ear Reviews

From the Squid’s Ear:

Sun Ra – Featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold
Pat Thomas – Plays the music of Derek Bailey and Thelonious Monk
Okkyung Lee, Peter Evans, Steve Beresford – Check for Monsters
David S. Ware – Shakti
Jamie Saft – Black Shabbis

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John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ Live, With Strings

From NPR Music:

A Love Supreme, by John Coltrane and his powerful quartet, remains a towering and seemingly untouchable jazz classic. But the virtuosic genre-benders in the Turtle Island Quartet have done it justice, re-working the seminal album for strings and winning a Grammy for their trouble. They recently performed a live version, captured live for JazzSet, at the Merkin Concert Hall in New York City.

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Bonnie Wright Interview

From the San Diego Reader:

Q: How would you describe what you do?

A: “Curator and devotee of experimental, classical, electronic, and improvised music,” says Bonnie Wright.

Since 1995, when she opened the doors to the Spruce Street Forum, Wright has made the avant-garde her daily work, selecting and inviting experimental music to San Diego. The Forum gained an international reputation during the next seven years as a venue for the free-spirited expression of anything resembling music.

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