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From Musique Machine:

Klaus Schulze – La Vie Electronique 1
La Vie Electronique 1 is the first of a series of 3 cd sets that bring together a selection of early tape material by electrroinca godfather and Space music /Kosmische Musik legend Klaus Schulze.

Splinter vs. Stalin – Eravamo Così Felici
Eravamo Così Felici is the first non cdr release on the Italian Division of Turgid Animal noise label that’s run by Italian noise pervert extraordinaire Nicola Vinciguerra(Fecalove,etc).And it finds a rather satisfying and brutal boiling up of Italian vocals, power electronics, analogue and digital discharged,melted harmonic electronics and more than a few hints of lost and dammed roman Catholicism with the mashed-up mass and pray like chants that hover through the albums violent yet creative unfold.

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