Mary Halvorson Performances In May

From Improvised Communications:

Weasel Walter/ Peter Evans/ Mary Halvorson Tour
05/06: Les Instants Chavires (Paris, France)
05/07: Ausland (Berlin, Germany)
05/08: Immerhin (Wurzburg, Germany)
05/09: Lendwirbel Fest (Graz, Austria)
05/10: The Rhiz (Vienna, Austria)
05/11: Siraly (Budapest, Hungary)

Marc Ribot’s Sun Ship
05/14: The Stone (New York, NY)

05/21: The Stone (New York, NY)

05/24: Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY)

Laurence “Butch” Morris Folding Space: Modette & Other Songs
05/30: Teatro Rossini (Lugo, Italy)
05/31: Teatro Comunale (Modena, Italy)

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Trevor Watts: Inspired improvisation

From the Prague Post:

Trevor Watts is a world-class composer, saxophonist and percussionist from the north of England, devoted to exploring the possibilities of combining music of all genres. Veryan Weston is a first-rate British jazz pianist also devoted to improvisation. As a duo, they aim to perform an entire evening of improvised music – a rare treat at the usually mainstream jazz venue Reduta.

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‘Pathways to Unknown Worlds’ – Beamed From Tomorrow to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia

Sun Ra
Sun Ra (via

A Sun Ra display is reviewed.

The jazz musician Sun Ra, ambassador from the Airy Kingdom World Tomorrow, creator of Enterplanetary Solar Exploding Music, and founder of the Astro Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra, is a hero of mine.

To my ears he was not only a genius composer, keyboardist and bandleader, but also constantly surprising. One minute he’s playing elevator schmaltz; then he’s making you float on air; then he’s making you deaf. I love that he was a sharp dresser, sort of kingly, sort of queenly, in faux leopard-skin capes and miner’s hats with lights.

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Firehouse 12 To Present The Michael Musillami Trio +3 May 22nd

From Improvised Communications:

On Friday, May 22nd, New Haven’s Firehouse 12 will present a two set performance by guitarist/composer Michael Musillami’s newest all-star ensemble, the Michael Musillami Trio 3. The band augments Musillami’s seven year-old trio, featuring bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller, with trumpeter Ralph Alessi, saxophonist Marty Ehrlich and vibraphonist Matt Moran. This event is part of a Northeast tour celebrating the May 19th release of the group’s debut CD, From Seeds (Playscape Recordings).

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