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Faust/Nurse With Wound – “Disconnected” – [Dirter Promotions]

A 12” reissue of the 2007 “Disconnected” collaboration CD, with a second 12” of previously unreleased material. Sides 1 and 2 feature German avant-rock pioneers Faust working with the generally disturbing Nurse With Wound on four interesting studio creations that include drones, tribal beats, and voices and stuff. I can’t honestly say that I know from the sound of it where Faust ends and NWW begins, but does it matter?

Uncle Woody Sullender – “Live At Barkenhoff” – [Dead CEO]

This release from 2008 covers a live performance by Uncle Woody Sullender from August 2008 at the GartenKultur Musikfestival at the Barkenhoff in Worpswede, Germany.

Woody Sullender is a Brooklyn-based academic/composer/artist (and some-time WFMU DJ) who most recently has been focusing on experimental banjo projects. This live recording from a performance in rural Germany features him playing his “electronically augmented banjo.” It bears similarity to the guitar-work of John Fahey and is quite pretty, but it also verges into drone territory, making it even more mesmerizing. Quite lovely.

Cluster – “Berlin 07? – [Important Records]

This is a recording of the first time Dieter Moebius & Hans-Joachim Roedelius have played in Berlin since 1969, a long awaited reunion show. Cluster, from Germany, is an experimental ambient & electronic duo with an avant-garde & prog flair. Originally known as Kluster, once Conrad Schnitzler was out of the picture, it turned to Cluster. This release is 2 lengthy tracks full of fun drones, synthesized sounds, sequencers, and the like. Doing what they do best, with huge smiles across their faces. Floating in outer space with sparkling comets, or swimming in the rainbow reefs of Bermuda. It’s on the lighter side of looped and unexpected electronic experimentation.

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