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John Butcher – Resonant Spaces

In the summer of 2006, Arika invited John Butcher – together with Japanese artist Akio Suzuki – to perform in the Resonant Spaces event, an itinerary across several remote regions of Scotland featuring locations which, according to the organizers, would put the artists in the condition of being “informed by the acoustic space they found […]

The Holy Modal Rounders Live and in the Studio on ESP

When I was first tapping the musical underground as I understood it in the 1990s, the term “folk-punk” flew around the ether, describing politically-charged acoustic music, done with a certain do-it-yourself aesthetic and pressed in very small runs. Of course, this term had very little to do with folk music as it happened in Greenwich […]

Charles Evans – The King Of All Instruments

A pupil of Bill Zaccagni, David Liebman and Antonio Hart, and currently well known as the companion of adventures of (unrelated) trumpeter Peter Evans and bassist Moppa Eliott in the “microtonal bebop” gang The Language Of, Charles Evans’ artistic mission is focused upon the achievement of near-perfection on the baritone saxophone, which the aforementioned […]

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