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Schistosoma Japonica – “Kankei UFO From Zanryu-shinen 90-95? – [Psf]

Volume 3 in the ongoing Japanese Avant-Garde Cassette Reissue Series. Schistosoma Japonica formed in the early 90s, and were a new limb from the band Amanita. Maybe listening to this while on mushrooms will trip you out… actually probably in a bad way as this is loose, improvised musical jams with everyone sounding like they’re in their own zone, yet yield together. It all seems to glue together though. Drums, clangs, bangs, scraping of the strings, guitars and the such. Super Japanese schitzo. This band never played live, only recorded tracks.

Conure – “Stream” – [Edgetone Records]

A lush and intriguing release by Conure (Mark Wilson), from California. Two of my favorite things – dark rumbling electronics and field recordings (wind, ducks, crackling fire, random conversations…). Growling and boiling. If it were a color, it’d be blood purple. Sometimes chaotic mayhem, sometimes broken video game sounding. All tracks seque together, but each track takes on it’s own sound. A beautiful and unique noise release.

Merzbow – “Eucalypse” – [Soleilmoon Recordings]

Eucalyptus apocalypse! This release by Merzbow seems to be influenced by the koala’s favorite meal. Fancy coaster style photos he found online of various tree settings in India, and a wood style case. Only 1,000 copies, so be nice to it! Merzbow is Masami Akita from Japan, who’s known as an extreme noise artist. Five semi-long tracks. Hammering metal machines & electronic screetching bliss. They seems to have hidden melodies in the underbelly though, it’s not all just in your face white walls. Merzbow used an EMS synth, a Roland organ, handmade instruments, laptops & effects.

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