Irondale Ensemble Project In Brooklyn

Anthony Braxton will be performing in all three upcoming Irondale Ensemble Project shows:

April 15, 16, 17, 18 | 7:30PM

The Walter Thompson Orchestra will perform the world premiere of a WTO-commissioned work by renowned composer Anthony Braxton. Thompson will use his much-heralded Sound Painting conducting language to shape the composition.

Anthony Braxton, one of music’s most original composers and instrumentalists, has composed a new work in collaboration with Soundpainter Walter Thompson and the Walter Thompson Orchestra. Mr. Thompson will combine Mr. Braxton’s Language Music System with Soundpainting – the multidisciplinary live – composing sign language created by Mr. Thompson. The concerts will feature performances by Anthony Braxton, a woodwind virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist and the fifteen musicians and actors of the Walter Thompson Orchestra.

Prices: Adult $20.00 | Student with ID $15.00
Senior $15.00 | Working Artist $15.00

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