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Greenleaf Music Streaming Albums for Free

Today Greenleaf Music announced that they are streaming at least some of their albums for free.

For those who are reading that are not a member of our email list, we announced yesterday that we are now offering streaming of our entire front-line catalogue at our store. We feel like it’s a big step in recognizing that recorded music is readily accessible in our post-Napster world. And instead of hearing our artists’ tracks elsewhere, we hope you’ll enjoy the music in the friendly confines of our digital space and continue to support what we do. So click over to the store and check out the records that you haven’t heard yet — like Michael Bates’ new Paperback release, Live in New York.

This is a record label’s honest realization that their business can benefit from people actually listening to the music they put out. I’ll probably write more about this at a later point, but right now I’m considering this major news.

BTW, the live Michael Bates is excellent – and I probably would not have been able to say so if they hadn’t made it easily available.

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