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From Musique Machine:

Ensemble Economique – No GPs
Ensemble Economique is the new project from Brian Pyle one half of strange, haunted and audio acid tinged soundscape makers The Straving weirdoes. And through No GPs is still very strange and deeply atmospheric this is quite a departure from the SW expansive and dense sound.

Svarte Greiner – Kappe
Kappe is the second full length release by Norse electronic meets acoustic doom project Svarte Greiner and like the first album it’s another lightless and unforgiving journey in bleak atmospherics.

R Millis – 120
Robert Millis is member of Climax Golden Twins, collector of 78rpm records and maker of fieldrecordings. What’s considered his first solo-album Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums was a collection of the latter, made in South-East Asia.

Ursula Bogner – Recordings 1969-1988
Somehow it’s a bit sad that the internet—even though far from devoid of its own kind of myths—pretty much ruins any attempt at storytelling or anonymity as an artistic expression. People want to know the ‘truth’ rather than just go with an interesting story and step outside daily reality for a while.

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