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Harold Budd & Clive Wright, A Song for Lost Blossoms (Darla)
As a whole, this is a middling album for Harold Budd. Then again, Harold Budd´s “middle” is usually of higher quality than most everybody else´s beginning, middle and end put together. Here is a collection of recordings made over the course of two or threee years by Budd and his friend Clive… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:41, 18 Mar 2009

Secret Archives of the Vatican, Babylon Halt (Broken Drum Records)
A trio of English- and Welshmen which considers itself a collective “powered by chickpeas” releases its first “factory” CD. Vince Millet plays guitar, Peter Sharpe bass and Louis Counter (good name for a percussionist) tabla. All fiddle with other things as well and are joined by about a dozen… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:41, 16 Mar 2009

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