Tom Baker Quartet/Anne La Berge/Radiosonde in Seattle

From WAYWARD MUSIC, on March 14:

The Tom Baker Quartet Tom Baker Quartet will share an intimate, acoustic set with Anne La Berge, a flutist from the Netherlands. Exploring the edges of jazz/chamber/improvised music. Radiosonde is a performance group that investigates integrating dance and music through structured improvisations. Consisting of 9 performers, the group is led by musician Tom Baker and dancer Beth Graczyk. Together they develop unified scores that often contain a set of events or rules coupled with potent poetic images. The musicians include Jesse Canterbury, Gregg Campbell, Brian Cobb, and Tom Baker and five virtuosic dancers including Alia Swersky, Corrie Befort, Ezra Dickenson, Sean Ryan, and Beth Graczyk.

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