The Greatest Little Big Band in the History of the Megaverse in Portland

From Portland Eye and Ear Control:

John Gruntfest’s Trio – alto sax
Megan Bierman – tenor sax
Jack Duval – drums

PDX Large Ensemble includes: Jonathan Sielaff (Mouthpieces), Jef Brown (Evolutionary Jass Band), Kelvin Pittman (Oregon Artificial Limb Co.), Reed Wallsmith (Blue Cranes), John Niekrasz (Why I Must Be Careful, Thicket), Ben Kates (The Naked Future, Thicket), Brian Mumford (Dragging an Ox Through Water), Alyssa Reed & Ryan Stuewe (Eet), and more.

8PM Friday, March 13th 2009
At the Artistery (4315 SE Division)
$9 general/$7 students & members

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