New Nels and Alex Cline Releases on Cryptogramophone

From Cryptogramophone:

Alex Cline – Continuation

Alex Cline – drums and percussion
Peggy Lee – cello
Myra Melford – piano and harmonium
Scott Walton – bass
Jeff Gauthier – violin

Percussionist Alex Cline steps into the limelight with Continuation, a beautiful recording featuring Myra Melford on piano, Jeff Gauthier on violin, Peggy Lee on cello, Scott Walton on bass, and Alex Cline on drums and percussion. Alex’s music defies all genres with swinging strings, infectious grooves, and extended moments of transcendental beauty. This is a stunning collection of music from the drummer/percussionist/composer who has worked with Arthur Blythe, Tim Berne, Henry Grimes, Vinny Golia, Bobby Bradford, Julius Hemphill, and many others.

Nels Cline – Coward

Guitarist Nels Cline, recently named a “Guitar God” by Rolling Stone Magazine, presents a brilliant solo CD that covers an extraordinarily broad range of musical styles, with a surprising acoustic sensibility. The provocative title belies the intensely personal nature of this album which demonstrates a daring musicianship and a willingness to take musical and emotional risks. Coward blends improvisation and composition with a huge and constantly changing emotional and timbral palette. “Coward” is a musical tour de force.

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