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Threadgill & Company Plays Threadgill

The recent Wesleyan Threadgill performance is reviewed.

Tonight at Wesleyan’s Crowell Concert Hall, Henry Threadgill, the Chicago-born flautist-composer-alto saxophonist, led his ensemble Zooid through a set of music that defied expectations. Professor Anthony Braxton spent 20-25 minutes before the show preparing the audience for the music to come, using language that, at times, was highly technical but his main point was that Henry Threadgill’s music is unique, with myriad influences mixed in over his long career. He also stated that he has been a fan of Threadgill’s music since he (Braxton) was 12 years old – Threadgill is a lofty 16 months older than his good friend.

Also of note is Taylor Ho Bynum’s long review of the evening.

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