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From All About Jazz:

07-Feb-09 Ornette Coleman
Ornette Coleman Tributes: Tiziano Tonani & Makaya Ntshoko
Reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

07-Feb-09 Multiple Artists
ESP-Disk: Giuseppi Logan & Gunter Hampel
Reviewed by Andrey Henkin

07-Feb-09 Taylor Ho Bynum
Taylor Ho Bynum & Mary Halvorson: Quartet Moscow (2008) & The Double Trio
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

07-Feb-09 Larry Ochs
Larry Ochs: Spiller Alley and The Mirror World
Reviewed by John Sharpe

07-Feb-09 Gerald Cleaver / William Parker / Craig Taborn
Farmers By Nature (AUM Fidelity Records)
Reviewed by Mark F. Turner

06-Feb-09 Fast ‘N’ Bulbous
Waxed Oop (Cuneiform Records)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

05-Feb-09 Alex Cline
Continuation (Cryptogramophone)
Reviewed by John Kelman

05-Feb-09 Brad Shepik
Human Activity Suite (Songlines Recordings)
Reviewed by Matt Marshall

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