William Parker Profiled

William Parker
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All About Jazz profiles William Parker:

William Parker’s East Village apartment is abuzz with activity on what would seem to be a typical November afternoon in the hive of New York free jazz. Cell phones and laptops are whirring, Parker making arrangements for an upcoming tour as his wife, the dancer and tireless organizer Patricia Nicholson, sets details for an upcoming fundraiser in her efforts to find a permanent home and performing space for Art for Arts and RUCMA, the sibling organizations that put on the annual Vision Festival as well as year-round concerts. Meanwhile, son Isiah—who has been performing with his father and plays in several bands on his own—is meeting with friends in the back bedroom. The exposed brick walls are a scrapbook for Parker’s travels, covered in musical instruments and exotic hats from around the world. Instrument cases and a baby grand piano occupy much of the front room. A set of wooden shelves strains in agony under the weight of LPs, four box sets of Mozart crowning the collection.

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