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From Musique Machine:

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman – Destination Space
Destination Space is the second collaboration between electronic, tape splice-innovator and Moog-popster Jean-Jacques Perrey & talented musician and retro-obsessed Dana Countryman. As the title suggest there’s quite a lot of space bound electronic easy listening fun to be found here, but there’s also a more emotional and cinematic touches on display too.

Screloma – Rotten Sarkoma
Screloma is a mainly one piece Japanese project who with this their second album offer up mixture of caustic industrial/ electroinca beats & textures, electro noise attacks and the odd swing into noise guitar scapeing

Blood Of The Black Owl – A Feral Spirit
A Feral Spirit is the second chapter in Chet Scott’s (of Ruhr Hunter, Elemental Chrysalis and Glass throat records) metallic folk/rock project. It sees him building on and adding to the elements from the wonderful self titled Blood of the Black Owl from 07. Through out the nine tracks on offer here we find an more tribal tone and world music & atmospheric edge elements been mixed in.

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