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Rashied Ali
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From All About Jazz:

27-Jan-09 Henry Grimes / Rashied Ali
Going To The Ritual (Porter Records)
Reviewed by Glenn Astarita

27-Jan-09 Jon Hassell
Jon Hassell: Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street (ECM Records)
Reviewed by John Kelman

27-Jan-09 Lars Horntveth
Kaleidoscopic (Smalltown Supersound)
Reviewed by John Kelman

27-Jan-09 Matthew Shipp
Harmonic Disorder (Thirsty Ear Recordings)
Reviewed by John Sharpe

26-Jan-09 Dave Douglas
Dave Douglas’ Fetish Busting Greenleaf Digital Music Experience (Greenleaf Music)
Reviewed by Mark Corroto

26-Jan-09 Flatlands Collective
Maatjes (Clean Feed Records)
Reviewed by Wilbur MacKenzie

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