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From All About Jazz:

15-Jan-09 Colter Frazier Quartet
Colter Frazier Quartet (pfMentum)
Reviewed by Troy Collins

15-Jan-09 Aki Takase / Alexander Von Schlippenbach
Iron Wedding (Intakt Records)
Reviewed by Nic Jones

14-Jan-09 Jurg Wickihalder Overseas Quartet
Furioso (Intakt Records)
Reviewed by Nic Jones

14-Jan-09 The Antripodean Collective
Funcall (Extreme (Australia))
Reviewed by Henry Smith

14-Jan-09 Jim Hall / Bill Frisell
Hemispheres (ArtistShare)
Reviewed by Lyn Horton

14-Jan-09 Burkhard Beins / Lucio Caprece / Rhodri Davies / Toshimaru Nakamura
SLW (Formed Records)
Reviewed by John Eyles

14-Jan-09 Joao Lencastre
Communion One! (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Reviewed by Farrell Lowe

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