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Sonomu Reviews

From Sonomu: Aidan Baker, I Fall into You (Basses Frequences) The newly-remastered version of a set originally recorded by Aidan Baker on a simple four-track cassette and released on CDR label Public Eyesore in 2002. Cleverly and deservedly re-released to … Continue reading

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Ulrich Krieger at Lampo

From Chicago’s Lampo: ULRICH KRIEGER FEB 7 9pm Something loud, then quiet, then loud again from Ulrich Krieger, German saxophonist, in his hotly anticipated Chicago debut. At Lampo he presents “R.A.W.”—a new solo program for amplified tenor sax and live … Continue reading

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Jazz Listings From the New York Times

From the Times: MICHAEL MUSILLAMI TRIO + 3 (Saturday) Michael Musillami, a guitarist firmly entrenched in the contemporary avant-garde, unveils material from a forthcoming release, featuring not only his working trio but also the trumpeter Ralph Alessi, the multi-reedist Marty … Continue reading

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Upcoming Weasel Walter Events

The latest from the head of the Flying Luttenbachers. Henry Kaiser/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter CD the most extreme guitar playing from this legendary guitar improviser in decades mated with the Bay Area’s most intense rhythm section. one half Sharrock/Takayanagi one half … Continue reading

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Creative Differences 2009 in Baltimore

Image via Wikipedia Creative Differences and An Die Musik Live team up for this show. Creative Differences 2009 presents a performance from international jazz trio Anker/Mori/Courvoisier, featuring Lotte Anker on saxophone, Ikue Mori on electronics and Sylvie Courvoisier on piano, … Continue reading

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John Zorn Book Review

Image by Laertes via Flickr PopMatters reviews a new book on Zorn. Where does one start in analyzing the career of John Zorn? The avant-garde composer and saxophone player is among music’s most daring and productive artists, yet very few … Continue reading

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine: Tunnels – On a Body of Nothing But Radiance The Tunnels is a one man project by Nicholas Samuel Bindeman, known for his participation in Jackie-O-Motherfucker. This cd-r is a re-release of a tape, and to the … Continue reading

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