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Phantom Orchard – Orra
Phantom Orchard is the sonic joining of forcers of two of the most respected women in experimental music; Ikue Mori (Death Ambient, Electric Masada,solo work, ect) and Zeena Parkins (Carbon, Keep The Dog, News From Babel, solo,ect). Orra is the projects first wonderful sonic fruit – which sit’s between creative electronics, world music, quirky classical elements, sound tracking, ambience and improv elements.

Thomas Christoph Heyde – High Culture Motherfucker
High Culture Motherfucker is juddering often manic ride that jumps between atmopsrics/ dramatics & playfulness often. Utilizing a mixture of live electronics , turntable elements, percussion, piano, brass and strings for it’s often rollercoaster like ride.

Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai – Electroincs
Electronics is the first of three collaborative releases between genre shifting German chamber orchestra Zeitkratzer and other respected experimental artists. This first release finds them working with Carsten Nicolai who is one of the mainstay and owners of minimalistic and arty electronic label Raster Noton.

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