Kronos Quartet Does Crumb’s Black Angels

Kronos Quartet performing in Warsaw, Poland in...
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From the NY Times:

Anyone’s initial reaction to George Crumb’s “Black Angels,” a 1970 composition for amplified string quartet meant to echo the dark mood of the Vietnam War era, is likely to be a strong one. When the violinist David Harrington first heard the piece, in 1973, his response was to form the Kronos Quartet, a group that used Mr. Crumb’s work as a springboard for an extraordinary career of boundary-breaking discovery and innovation.

With its explosive use of noise and voices, resonant gongs and evocative borrowings from earlier music, “Black Angels” has always had an air of ritualistic drama. That aspect was made explicit in a new staging conceived by Laurence Neff, with sound design by Brian Mohr, which Kronos presented during a concert at Zankel Hall on Friday night.

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