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From Musique Machine:

Bluermutt – Decivilize After Consumption
The musical entity peculiarly named Bluermutt (a word suggested by eBay) creates, like the infamous Perrey & Kingsley, quite catchy pop through ‘avant garde‘ means.

Auton – Any Where Out Of The World
From Sweden comes Auton, a trio consisting of Douglas Holmquist, Petter Samuelsson and Rikard Heberling. Apart from regular instruments like electric guitar and Wurlitzer they also have a thing called a ‘vibrafonette’.

Like A Kind Of Matador – Halfway To Dangerous
Halfway to Dangerous has the feel of melancholic 70’s celluloid bleak social commentary film or a bizarre yet barren 70’s horror movie with burst of very real violence bourn into audio form. With it’s mixture of mournful flute, flattening doom riffs, grim organ cinematic tone, accordion down swoops and waling female vocalising.

High Mountain Tempel – Pacific Sky Burial (Axaxaxas mlo)
This release on Lotus House Records is a black-bottomed CD-R presented in a nice high quality paper wallet-sleeve, with attractive silk screened gold printing. My copy is numbered as 137/200, so it’s also a “limited edition” release. Kind of reminds me of the old “if a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there to see it, does it make a sound” expression. Every CD-R is more or less a limited release now. Hand numbering a release which will only sell out if it’s given away to all of the band’s friends and relatives has become commonplace, thus cheapening the idea of a “limited” release.

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