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From Musique Machine:

High Mountain Tempel – Pacific Sky Burial (Axaxaxas mlo)
This release on Lotus House Records is a black-bottomed CD-R presented in a nice high quality paper wallet-sleeve, with attractive silk screened gold printing. My copy is numbered as 137/200, so it’s also a “limited edition” release. Kind of reminds me of the old “if a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there to see it, does it make a sound” expression. Every CD-R is more or less a limited release now. Hand numbering a release which will only sell out if it’s given away to all of the band’s friends and relatives has become commonplace, thus cheapening the idea of a “limited” release.

Ur – Trieb
Trieb is very satisfyingly grim, suffocating & dank excise in murky old school industrial, damed electro-acoustic, barren ambience and noise matter. As the album progresses you are pushed deeper and deeper into a subterranean, decaying and clanking hell hole.

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