The Squid’s Ear Reviews

Christian Wolff
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From The Squid:

Morton Feldman – Turfan Fragments
(Dog w/a Bone)
– Brian Olewnick

Henri Pousseur – Electronic Experimental and Microtonal 1953-1999
(Sub Rosa)
– Brian Olewnick

Christian Wolff – Early Piano Pieces
– Brian Olewnick

Robert Haigh – Written On Water
– Darren Bergstein

Jacob Wick / Andrew Greenwald – 37:55
(Creative Sources)
– Jeph Jerman

FAB Trio – A Night In Paris
– Jeph Jerman

Memorize The Sky – In Former Times
(Clean Feed)
– Jeph Jerman

Boxhead Ensemble – Dutch Harbor
– Max Schafer

Christina Carter – Original Darkness
– Max Schaefer

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