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Jenny Scheinman: Avant-fiddle and old-fashioned voice

Scheinman is profiled.

Petrolia, Calif., is the westernmost town in the continental U.S., and lies along the biggest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the Lower 48. An outpost of the notorious Humboldt County, Petrolia was once, as the name suggests, an oil town, as well as a settlement for miners, loggers and fishermen. But when those resources began to dry up, it became what Petrolia native Jenny Scheinman calls “a pot town,” with a population of some 300 “back-to-the-lander hippie people who moved there in the ‘70s.” Scheinman, who happened to grow up in the westernmost house in Petrolia, which for much of her childhood was without electricity, says her hometown is about an hour’s drive from the nearest town.

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