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From Musique Machine:

Caïna – Temporary Antennae
After last years superb post black metal masterwork Mourner Temporary Antennae see’s one man project Caïna pushing the envelope further to breed an album that is still just linked to blacked metal but drifts effortless into post rock, 80’s shoegazing and gloomy pop , folk and all manner of sonic genre. All to build an album that is shiver inducingly great managing to be epic and personal, noisy and harmonic.

Astro – The Echo From The Purple dawn
Astro is Hiroshi Hansegawa’s (C.C.C.C, solo work, ect) noisy, spacey and psychedelic drone project. And with The echo from the Purple dawn he offers up three planet sized shifting drone nirvanas to get lost in.

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