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European Free Improvisation home has been updated.

* A definite focus on the Blue Notes in this update, based around the wonderful 5CD box from Ogun Blue Notes: the Ogun collection which includes re-issues with additional music of Legacy: Live in South Afrika; Blue Notes for Mongezi (2CD); Blue Notes in concert; and Blue Notes for Johnny. In addition, there’s the great, just issued, duo of Louis Moholo-Moholo with Marilyn Crispell on Intakt – Sibanye – and what looks like the final McGregor/Brotherhood of Breath CD on the Fledg’ling label: Our prayer by the Chris McGregor Trio featuring Barre Phillips and Louis Moholo.

* Barre Phillips also turns up on the excellent duo with Jöelle Léandre on Kadima Collectvie Recordings – A l’improviste – and Jöelle has another brand new CD, on Leo, with Akosh S. on reeds: KOR. Also on Leo is Anthony Braxton’s Quartet (Moscow) 2008 recorded barely four months ago. And the second of Intakt’s new CDs is The salmon by Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky and Michael Griener.

* Three new PSI CDs came out right at the end of October: Alexander Von Schlippenbach with Friulian sketches; Ray Warleigh in duo with Tony Marsh on Rue victor massé; and John Edwards solo bass, Volume; and a recent release on Mutable is a DVD and CD offering from Jérôme Bourdellon, Thomas Buckner, Dalila Khatir and Roscoe Mitchell: Kirili et Les Nymphéas. Other recent Mutable releases included are: Thomas Buckner’s New music for baritone & chamber ensemble; “Blue” Gene Tyranny with The somewhere songs/The invention of memory; and Nils Bultmann, with Roscoe Mitchell on four tracks: Terminally unique

* A large number of ESP-Disk CDs have been added, the releases from June and September: Giuseppi Logan Quartet; Lowell Davidson Trio; Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble; Henry Grimes Trio with The call; the Gunter Hampel Group with Music from Europe; The Holy Modal Rounders Indian war whoop; Karel Velebny with SHQ; Yuganaut’s This musicship; The Holy Modal Rounders Live in 1965; Totem> with Solar forge; and Jugendstil by Chris Speed/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic Leibovici.

* CDs on my must get around to sometime (but now finally have) list include the Journey into the valley DVD with bonus CD from Faruq Z. Bey and Northwoods Improvisers on Entropy Stereo and, on MusicNow, Consciously from Cornelius Cardew, solemn songs of sound political intent including, on one track a great soprano contribution from Evan Parker, and Liquid metal dreaming by Robert Evans and Laurie Scott Baker.

* A new label from Lithuania is No Business Records with The Vilnius explosion by Mats Gustafsson. On DUNS Limited Edition, there’s Bionic beings’ beginnings from Paul Dunmall/Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg/Philip Gibbs/Peter Brandt and Spirits past and future from Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco; four more Dunmalls on FMR: in duo with Paul Rogers on Regeneration; with Barry Edwards/Mark Sanders on Mind out; with Trevor Taylor and Evelyn Chang on Crossing; and with Philip Gibbs added on Atmospheres without oxygen; on Loosetorque the trio of Jon Corbett, Nick Stephens and Roger Turner going under the name of Dangerous Musics In ’91; SLAM has the self-titled Aida Severo and the fascinating D.A.T.A. disc Compressed; the new Potlatch CD is Shortcut from Trio Sowari; on 2:13 Music there’s A schlep from Strathbungo, a duo by John Bisset and Ivor Kallin; on Al Maslakh there’s Shortwave from Christine Sehnaoui/Michel Waisvisz, and Much remains to be heard by Stéphane Rives; and on Red Note there’s RegenOrchester XII (Franz Hautzinger/Christian Fennesz/Otomo/Luc Ex/Tony Buck with Town down.

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