Shinkoyo Web Releases

Shinkoyo Web has new material out.

PALO – Monument to Our Common Past is Southwestern Folk Music for the 31st Century. Backcountry Zappa-esque vocals haunting tales of Arizona roads and lost loves over Parch influenced alternatively tuned C-sound synthesizers. Palo (Paul Chaikin) was a friend of Shinkoyo at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music TIMARA program (Technology in Music and Related Arts). PALO appears on secret Shinkoyo release (upcoming JUKO re-release!) Elyria Lights by Peter Blasser. Paul Chaikin is lost to us now. Paul Chaikin – PLEASE CONTACT US! If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Paul Chaikin, please contact us.

REGATTAS – Garudas – is a collection of solo saxophone pieces recorded in different spaces by Sam Hillmer (aka Regattas) co-founder of the band/chamber ensemble Zs as well as Wet Ink, a new music presenting organization, ensemble, and composer’s collective. In addition to his work with Zs, Hillmer is currently playing and performing with Dirty Projectors, MOTH, and John Dwyer (of Ohsees). Hillmer is also active as a curator and educator. In collaboration with artist Laura Paris, he organizes the biannual performance festival and installation YOU ARE HERE: 21 nights of performance in a sculptural maze. Hillmer is currently producing the youth hip-hop recording series Representing NYC. The first volume, The Fly Girlz’ “Da Bratz From Da Ville”, is due out this November on Wisdom Through Music and Socketts CDs. Hillmer has had the privilege of working with and playing the music of Mick Barr, Weasel Walter, Joe Maneri, Christian Wolff, Phill Niblock, Roscoe Mitchell, Petr Kotik, Louis Andriessen and Larry Polansky. Recordings of his music are available on labels threeoneg, Planaria Recordings, Epicene Sound Systems, Tzadik, Zum, Gilgongo, Socketts, New Sonic, and Troubleman Unlimited.

SHINKOYO is the ectoplasm connecting a diverse group of composers, visual artists, improvisers, instrument builders, thinkers, scholars and healers exploring new syntheses of sound and art. We operate on terms of collectivity and collaboration, while supporting the individual voices of all Shinkoyos. Shinkoyo submits to no genres, but Ancient Futurism, Noise Age, and True Age are terms to be discovered. Born in 2000 at the Oberlin Conservatory, we began releasing music in fall of 2002. Shinkoyo has spread its wings from California to New York, with its headquarters at the Paris London West Nile Performance/Gallery Space – Brooklyn’s donation-based center for experimental performance and art. In summer 2008, Shinkoyo launched its SHINKOJUKO free jukebox and donation-based online music store, showcasing our catalog of music releases from 2002 to the present.

PARIS LONDON WEST NILE is Shinkoyo’s donation-based center for experimental performance and art located in the old Domino Sugar Factory building in Williamsburg, NYC. Past performances/art shows/lectures include Tony Conrad, Costes (France), Non Grata (Estonia), Aki Onda, Vampillia (Tokyo), Jessica Rylan, Nautical Almanac, Graveyards (John Olsen), Paul Flaherty & Randall Colbourne, and many many more. See for more info.

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