Crumb is All the Rage Again

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From the New York Times:

George Crumb and his music are getting a second wind these days. In the 1970s Mr. Crumb’s colorful, idiosyncratic chamber works were all the rage: no self-respecting new-music fan, particularly of college age, was without the Nonesuch recording of his “Ancient Voices of Children” (1970), and his string quartet “Black Angels” (1970) was an unusually elevated and searing Vietnam War protest. Earlier and later scores rode on the coattails of these works, but by the mid-1980s Mr. Crumb seemed to have faded from view.
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Erin Baiano for The New York Times

Ann Crumb performing George Crumb’s music at Zankel Hall.

In recent years new works have become plentiful again, old ones are reappearing on concert programs, and among the increasingly frequent recordings of Mr. Crumb’s music are a dozen discs (so far) on the Bridge label, which plans to complete its comprehensive Crumb survey before the composer’s 80th birthday, in October 2009.

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