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Dewey Redman at Moers Festival, June 2006, Germany
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From Ayler Records:

New CD release
Abdelhaï Bennani Trio – There Starts the Future
Recorded at Les Instants Chavirés on June 6, 2007. A. Bennani, ts – B. Duboc, b – E. Perraud, dr.
Bennani is a player of great restraint, working on melodic fragments and «low overtones» with an odd tormented and dark tone made of plaintiff almost painful mutterings, that can swell up with rage and determination when the rhythm section heats up.
(from Gérard Rouy liner notes)

François Carrier Digital Box
François is one of Canada’s essential musical voices, a saxophonist who has combined commitment and discipline with intuition and inspiration to gradually realize an arresting musical vision, one that is compounded of free-jazz traditions and a compellingly personal melodic invention. Discover 7 exclusive recordings featuring Pierre Côté, Michel Donato, Sonny Greenwich, Michel Lambert, Dewey Redman and Ron Séguin.

Stephen Gauci’s Stockholm Conference
Live at Glenn Miller Café (2 CDs + 1 DL)
Recorded July 9 and 10, 2007.
w/ Magnus Broo, Mats Äleklint,
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten & Fredrik Rundqvist.
This recording documents Stephen Gauci’s first trip
to Stockholm. Most of what the band played during
2 nights at Glenn Miller Café can be heard in these nearly 3 hours of music. Enjoy!

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