AUM Fidelity to Release David S. Ware Album

David S.
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From Improvised Communications:

AUM Fidelity is proud to announce the January 27th release of Shakti (AUM052), eminent saxophonist/composer David S. Ware’s fifth album for the label and his first studio recording since 2003. This release marks the recorded debut of Ware’s new working ensemble, his first since the disbanding of the long-lived and prolific David S. Ware Quartet (1989-2006). Shakti presents a distinctive selection of Ware compositions written specifically for this ensemble, as well as a new interpolation of “Antidromic” from 1997’s Wisdom of Uncertainty (AUM001). The group, which has solidified both its sound and its line-up through various performances over the past year and a half, features guitarist Joe Morris, bassist William Parker and drummer Warren Smith.

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