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Machinefabriek, Dauw (Dekorder)
Only rarely so far in his extremely promising career has Rutger Zuydervelt released full-length solo CDs. Mainly, he has made a process and an aesthetic out of regularly sending out three-inch bulletins on his own, eponymous label. These can be apprehended as works-in-process or as just enough music… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:19, 20 Oct 2008

Machinefabriek & Leo Fabriek, Fabriek Fabriek (CDR Machinefabriek)
Delightful packaging – a kind of flat origami with creme and grey folds and inserts seeming to promise treasure within but actually refusing to relent and unfold. Only a card jutting out from one side bearing the name of the artists can be removed: on its one side, the bare essential facts about… [read]
Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 07:13, 20 Oct 2008