Dissonance Is The New Harmony in Atlanta

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NPR Music covers the burgeoning “noise” scene in Atlanta.

Jangling collages of sound, atonal melodies and jumbled percussion, avant-garde music has gone through a lot of bizarre phases. And now, “noise music” has become accepted in indie-rock circles through easy digital access.

In the birthplace of R.E.M., dissonance is the new harmony. Members of the underground scene of Athens, Ga., push the boundaries of sound.

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One thought on “Dissonance Is The New Harmony in Atlanta

  1. This “noise” music thing is not new. Just has a new name; it is improvisation within pop culture. Improvisation is seen as anti-structure. Improv has nothing to do with anti-structure. In order to do improv, there is intuitive structure that comes from the act of creation.

    When are we going to see that music develops out itself and changes in form that gradually seeps into popular structure,and is then thought to be original, which is far from the case. It isn’t the sound we are looking for so much as the process; the process changes. Noise has been created forever. It is a means of wiping the slate clean so that we start to make new forms all over again. Only to be blasted out later and reworked. It is a pattern of creation, of culture. It happens all the time. Nothing new.

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