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Lull & Beta Cloud – Circadian Rhythm Disturbance
Beta Cloud a.k.a. Carl T. Pace isn’t new to this website. He’s circulated some fine, abstract music over the past couple of years. And this collaboration with Lull ranks right up there with his best work. Lull, a.k.a. Mick Harris is known primarily for his work as/with Scorn, Painkiller & Napalm Death. Harris is no stranger to working with other artists either, as he has been a part of countless co-releases and collaborations

Beta Cloud vs. Kenji Siratori – Plug
Carl T. Pace’s Beta Cloud project has up until now, released two full lengths on his own. Since his last album, the excellent Nephology, his Laughing Bride imprint issued a tension filled collaboration with Aidan Baker (Nadja), and two more collaborative efforts, one with Lull (review to follow) and this EP. Plug is a 3″ CD-R billed as Beta Cloud vs. Kenji Siratori, and it was actually released last year. It’s still very much worthy of mention.

Steve Roach – Landmass
Landmass finds Roach building a compelling and varied ambient travel log for internal landscapes & alien worlds. Dropping down along it’s nearly 70 minute ark in beat bound, hypnotic and deep ambient sound worlds.

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