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Robert Rich 2007
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Olivia Block – Heave To
Heave to is a entrancing & highly atmospheric journey into a mixture of impov, field recordings, boarding on noise & above all a keen sonic atmosphere which as the albums title suggest focus in on very sea bound subject matter.

Robert Rich & Faryus – Zerkalo
Zerkalo brings together US Ambient legend Robert Rich and Russian Ambient artists Faryus for a dark and organic lined trip into a strange gloomy & ritual tinged sonic universe.

SJ Essau – Small Vessels
Small Vessels is a quirky mix of ; hip-beats, indie rock, punk, folk, pop, turntablism and splats of other genres. Imagine a more conventional take on early Fog, or a very English take Beck at his more playful & quirky- but very much with it’s own distinct yet enjoyable flavour.

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